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Check out my folders! I have one specifically made for downloadable models while the others are simply for art or art projects ^^



Partners by RECBDRAKEplz
Hello all, just testing out a couple of models I've been working on the past few months while getting back into the flair of art :P

What we have here are the 2000 versions of my OC DRAKE and :icondamianhandy:'s OC 'himself' xD

I've haven't played with Blender in ages! But through a recent RP session with :icondamianhandy:, and :icondarkstormzero: and our mutual friend Ami, I've been getting interested to get back into the Resident Evil mood, and since todays the anniversary of Resident Evil 0 (totally unintentional xD) I released this bit :P This version of DRAKE is a bit of fusion of her 1998 self and her more modern self with her hair grown out more :P DRAKE is also 24 in this photo, while Damian's OC is about 25 give or take lol :P

These models are still WIP, especially Damian's which still needs some editing, but it's based on a scene that is going to be taking place soon in the RP so I figured I'd share it and use it for when the scene will occur in our next roleplay session :P
DRAKE 2000 (younger) by RECBDRAKEplz
DRAKE 2000 (younger)
So I've been making some modifications to DRAKE's sneaking suit and combat gear, though not obvious changes. Her hairstyle for this version is also changed, since when DRAKE is wearing this get up it would be between the events of Raccoon City Incident: :thumb436566542: where she is still wearing her hair in a Hime Cut; and of RECB GAIDEN: :thumb423448538: where she has fully adopted the asymmetric hair and ponytail.

...*ahem* hairstyles aside.... the sneaking suit really hasn't changed. Technically, this would be the first rendition of the sneaking suit, speaking chronologically. But anyway, I've been working on this over the past few months in my off time, and I think I'm 50% of where I want to be with the uniform, but I am going to try a different chest rig soon and a few other elements.

Though, this is DRAKE before her 30's so there ya go =p
So I completely neglected my feels for what happened in France the other day and want to say my heart goes out to them for what had happened :(
TPoD: S1 Cover by RECBDRAKEplz
TPoD: S1 Cover
The Perils of DRAKE: Scenario 1 Cover - nothing too special x)

I made it to simply be edgy and whatnot :P

no not really, it's just a buffer so I can separate Scenario 1 from Scenario 2 since I'm a cheap bitch and don't want to be 'core' to make a series of subfolders which admittedly will make my life all the more simpler....

besides, I just kinda had it and wanted to show it off anyway :P
The Perils of DRAKE: Scenario 1 Final by RECBDRAKEplz
The Perils of DRAKE: Scenario 1 Final
If you don't like vore, don't comment and don't watch.

The creature expels a cloud of heat in the form of a 'belch' as DRAKE finally begins to settle within. The 'good doctor' who had lead DRAKE to this most unfortunate of fates is pleased to both get rid of an intruder while also somewhat cheaply feeding her precious babu. The doctor would have to move her facility elsewhere though, if an agent like DRAKE had came knocking on her door so quickly there was without a doubt others could come crashing in and spoiling her fun. She was already preparing to leave when she had DRAKE stripped of her gear and taken to the warehouse where she had stored her 'baby'. Truth was, the drug given to DRAKE would be soon effecting the beast whom ate her. While on the move, she didn't want the animal to become restless and unpredictable. She simply gave her specimen 'peanut butter' with the sedative needed to keep the animal relaxed during the move. It was odd though, as the amount of sedative she gave to DRAKE should have killed the woman. Perhaps she should have kept her alive for study as well... but she couldn't deny her reptilian baby food when it was so easily in it's grasp.

She commended DRAKE for her efforts regardless, and when her team or when others arrive to shut this facility down, they'll find nothing but her suit, and perhaps a few bone and hair fragments covered in filth they wouldn't want to imagine.

"Onto the second phase then."

And that is it for Scenario 1 :P I'll be beginning Scenario 2 at one point as soon as I get a story planned out. It will likely deal with a snake this round and perhaps a few more characters :P I am debating about putting a male character in this series at one point, but I am unsure. If I do however, I highly doubt he'll suffer any great amount of peril and whatnot. Though hey, this is a new series and everything is still up in the air, and I add to it as I go :P Anyway, for those who enjoyed the story I thank you for being patient and silently (or verbally) watching this series come to it's 'Season 1' close, so to speak xD

Thanks and I hope you like the next one! :D


Journal History

I'd like to ask my fellow watchers a question, since I am curious :P

In the next few days I'm going to finish the first Perils of Drake entry, 'Scenario 1' with the few internals missing; I am curious as to what people would like to see next for the next scenario, not that I promise anything, but I'm willing to listen to some of your ideas and I may incorporate them into the next scenario :P

It may be some time till I make the second scenario since I'm currently in roleplay with :icondamianhandy:, and :icondarkstormzero: in our Resident Evil RP and I'd like to continue with that since I haven't done a story based RP in a while lol Also Fallout 4 doesn't help much xD but with that aside, I'd like to reiterate that I'd like to hear your suggestions or ideas as I prepare for scenario 2 :D
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An account for my OC DRAKE. I'm not really big on DeviantART, but Handyman insists xD

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