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Check out my folders! I have one specifically made for downloadable models while the others are simply for art or art projects ^^



The Perils of DRAKE: Scenario 1 part 46
If you don't like vore, don't comment and don't watch.

DRAKE's screaming body was forced through the tight sphincter leading into the creature's inner sanctum. Her body slipping through the tight walls before landing with a splash into the beast's volitile stomach concoction. Outside, the creature's belly sagged with a jiggle, it's contents causing the scales to quiver and twitch now and then.

The dragon-like creature let out a sigh. It's mouth wide and dripping with saliva, as if to show to it's creator that the intruder had been 'dealt' with. It felt comforted by it's new found weight, knowing soon that it's tasty and nutritious meal was going to quell it's hunger for the time being.

Like a famous character once said before me:

:iconliquidsnakeplz::iconsaysplz:"It's not over yet!":iconsays-endplz:
The Perils of DRAKE: Scenario 1 part 45
If you don't like vore, don't comment and don't watch.

The beast clamped it's jaws tightly and jerked it's head back, closing the lids of its eyes as it then swallowed the Asian Agent whole. A muffled, yet audible GULP echoed from the Wyvern's gullet, followed by the large twitching bulge that travelled down the long length of it's neck with a dragging slick squeltch from DRAKE's body suit slipping quickly down the wet and slippery esophogas.
The Perils of DRAKE: Scenario 1 part 43
If you don't like vore, don't comment and don't watch.

The beast, now at it's opportune angle, lets go, allowing DRAKE's calves to slip down it's throat. Her quivering bulge in it's neck let out more muffled cries, and the beasts tongue lapped at her heels as she drew closer to the gaping throat, her body making a wet shhlllick as it slipped helplessly down....


Almost there ;) 
Uploading 4 more!!

8 more to go in total!
The Perils of DRAKE: Scenario 1 part 42
If you don't like vore, don't comment and don't watch.

As DRAKE slipped further within, the Wyvern Bio-Weapon closed it's jaws, biting into her ankles and calves. The bulge in the creatures throat jostled again, though it was somewhat faint. She was nearing the sphincter that would lead her to the stomach's core and the sounds of the bubbling stomach ahead was reverberating in her ears. The beast only had to swallow and she'd be gone, and this angle allowed gravity and her slick body inside to slip easily down, but the beast was torturous and savoured her if only a bit longer. 

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Yup. Life officially sucks after September 1st. I hate Konami. I hate them. I really...fucking hate them.

I'm just, totally disgusted.
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An account for my OC DRAKE. I'm not really big on DeviantART, but Handyman insists xD

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